DIY Tutorial: How to make a cute and inexpensive jewelry/accessory holder

So while at our town flea market to day I stumbled across these old embroidery hoops for $.50! So I paired that with some paint,ribbon, and some dimensional adhesive (couldn’t find the hot glue gun) that I had on hand and came up with this:

That’s right. A jewelry/accessory/whatever you can think of holder. Interested? This is how I did it.


Step 1: Gather your supplies. I used Americana acrylic paint in Wild Orchid, Inkssentials Glossy Accents, some ribbon I had on hand, and embroidery hoop from the flea market, scissors, a paintbrush, and some spare paper to lay underneath it all so my floors don’t get marked in purple.


Step 2: Separate the smaller hoop from the bigger hoop.

Step 3: Paint all sides of both hoops. I chose to stick with one color, as I wanted instant gratification. You could do two-tone, polka dots, stripes, wrap the edges in fabric, faux fur, the sky is the limit!

So they look something like this:


Step 4: Cut strips of your ribbon wide enough to fit where you want it on the hoop and leave approx 2 inches to spare on each side to give us some cushion to work with.


Step 5: Slightly fit the smaller hoop into the larger. Before making a tight fit, pull the ribbon over the innermost hoop and pull the end down between the two, making sure to have some slack on either side. -*Important*


Step 6: Tighten the little screw at the top of the hoop until it won’t turn any more. Then very gently start at the top or bottom ribbon. Then hold one side steady while you pull the other side to make the ribbon taught. Continue with the other ribbons.

Step 7: This step is optional, but I put a dab of the adhesive on the ribbon to tack it down so it doesn’t slip and get so loose it won’t hold your jewelry. I also put some on the spot where the ribbon is pulled through the hoops, also so it doesn’t slip. When dry I trimmed the long ends so they wouldn’t flop over and be seen on the finished side. Careful here as I accidentally snipped through my whole ribbon during this part, so now I’ve got 3 ribbons across rather than 4. 😦

Step 8: Also optional, but I wanted a little piece of ribbon to work around the screw in the hoop to make it hang a little sturdier.

Step 9: Your finished! I added little hair clips, bracelets, and some earrings I made to mine. What will you use your for?

I was thinking that if you wanted one for necklaces you could skip the ribbons and use little nails and nail them to the rim for them to hang on. Then you could fit maybe 10 necklaces or so on there depending on the size hoop you have.

Please let me know what you think!



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Hello world!

Hello out there! Brand new to this, but hope to be sharing a tutorial soon. Am going geocaching and yard sale-ing tomorrow, so we’ll see.


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